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[29.-30.11.2016] Bots2Rec at the Eurecat Mobile Forum

The scientific project manager Tim Detert presented the Bots2ReC project and the challenges of the first version prototype at the Eurecat Mobile Forum in Barcelona. The Forum is the top congress specialized in mobile applications and aims to promote this sector and catalyze new opportunities in a knowledge-producing environment.

In the presentation entitled “Challenges for AI - Mobile Robots on Construction Sites“ lay on the challenges in the areas of mobility, collaboration and perception. The Bots2ReC projects addresses these challenges for the specific use case by a tailored design, advanced control systems and a combination of sensor technologies.

Please download the presentation here.


Tim Detert (Scientific Project Manager)

[26.07.2016] Bots2Rec First deliverables submitted

The results of the first months of the Bots2ReC project have been summarized in the four deliverables, which were submitted to the Commission in due time.

Deliverable 1.1 displays a detailed specification of the asbestos-removal tasks as a results of considerable research and analysis by the partners involved. From this, possible tools to perform the identified tasks have been derived.
Deliverable 2.1 sums up the first simulations of the robotic system performed in WP2. Very interesting and promising results have been obtained by the partners involved.
Deliverable 8.1 presents the results of the work performed by the coordinator to implement a platform for data management, storage and exchange.
Deliverable 8.2 summarizes the Bots2ReC project website and its functionalities.
Claudia Cornely (Administrative Project Manager)

[01.06.2016] Bots2Rec ROS Training

After our first quarterly consortium meeting, Sigma hosted a ROS training for the consortium members and for their students. Lecturers from Sigma Clermont, Eurecat, Robotnik and RWTH Aachen University guided trough the basic concepts of ROS, robot modelling, robot simulation and robot motion planning during two days of intensive training and practical exercise. Specifically for the project, code sharing strategies using the Bots2ReC Git Server were shown and trained to guarantee a smooth collaboration during software development. We are looking forward to productive future developments and a lot of source code
Tim Detert (Scientific Project Manager)

[25.06.2016] Bots2Rec at the Automatica 2016

The Bots2ReC will be presented at Automatica 2016 robotics fair in Munich (click here to learn more...). We will present our project and first results at the euRobotics booth (hall B4, booth 508).The Bots2ReC representatives will be present at the booth on Tuesday, June 21 and Wednesday, June 22. If you are interested in meeting us, feel free to contact us in advance or during the fair via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy to arrange a meeting.We look forward to an interesting fair and to possibly meeting you in Munich!

Tim Detert (Scientific Project Manager)

[13.05.2016] Robotic Unit: Preliminary Analysis of the Stability

To perform the overall system layout and analysis, a preliminary geometric model of the robotic unit was created based on the initial choice of the arm architecture, dimensions of the mobile base and the weight distribution of their components. A quasi-statically balanced model of the robotic unit was built on Geogebra for the approximate evaluation of the stability margin and dimensional synthesis:
  • The effect of the design parameters (arm link lengths and masses of the different components) on the stability of the robotic unit was studied.
  • The static stability of the robotic unit was analyzed during different cleaning scenarios (wall, ceiling, floor, corner points, nearby obstacles).
  • The initial analysis indicates the need for additional stabilizers for the robotic unit that will be subject to further investigation.


Siddharth Maraje (PhD Student, SIGMA)

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