[13.05.2016] Robotic Unit: Preliminary Analysis of the Stability

To perform the overall system layout and analysis, a preliminary geometric model of the robotic unit was created based on the initial choice of the arm architecture, dimensions of the mobile base and the weight distribution of their components. A quasi-statically balanced model of the robotic unit was built on Geogebra for the approximate evaluation of the stability margin and dimensional synthesis:
  • The effect of the design parameters (arm link lengths and masses of the different components) on the stability of the robotic unit was studied.
  • The static stability of the robotic unit was analyzed during different cleaning scenarios (wall, ceiling, floor, corner points, nearby obstacles).
  • The initial analysis indicates the need for additional stabilizers for the robotic unit that will be subject to further investigation.


Siddharth Maraje (PhD Student, SIGMA)

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